Saturday, June 30, 2007

Made for you

It has been a very enjoyable afternoon of making necklaces while listening to Jazz music. I have begun my necklace selling business and I've been working on an order of five necklaces. I'd like to share the necklaces with you. You can order similar ones or the same ones - I will make a necklace especially for you or for your special someone. This necklace above is $18 Canadian. The average price of my necklaces is $15-$35. I like to use semi-precious stones or vibrant colours as seen above.

This one is made of wooden circular beads and waxed cord. The clasp is made of a round wooden bead and the waxed cord loops around it. This is my personal favourite. The next one I make will have to be for me:) Unfortunately, I'm selling this one, but I can made many more for you (and me:)

Let me know which ones you like, or send me a picture of an outfit or shirt that you're trying to find a necklace for. If you don't know exactly what you want, I will be posting more of my necklaces online as I make them.

Here is another necklace that I made this afternoon. It is made of Cherry Quartz and mother of pearl. This one is $32 Cdn.

I love to sit here and work in the living room. I can hear the birds chirping outside and the sound of the wind through the trees and our overgrown bushes. The sky has changed so many times this afternoon. First it was sunny, and then it got really windy and looked like another storm was going to come. The sky was overcast and looked as though it was fully of rain. It did not come and now it's sunny again. I think it's time to take a break from my necklaces and play some bocce ball!

Please leave a comment if you would like a particular necklace. The cost is minimal if you would like it mailed to you. I mailed one from Edmonton, to Delhi, ON and it only cost $1.25. I will be setting up a paypal account if there is enough interest. For now, you can send me a money order or a personal cheque if I know you well. You can contact me at aldyck (at) ualberta (dot) ca if you would like one made for you!


shareen said...

Avery, I came on here to tell you about my cleanse and now you're making me shop!? Shame on you...or me...whatever. But I do love your work. Maybe you could bring some of your work down to the wedding (if you are coming to the stagette I bet that would be a good selling place with all those girls). So anyways, I was on a cleanse recommended to my by a friend who plays pro basketball in Europe. His nutritionist was involved in its development. It's called Isogenix. It's 9 days long and it has two detox days at the beginning and two at the end and the days in-between are to help balance blood sugar levels, etc.

Avery said...

Yeah, I'll definitely bring some to the stagette - as long as it works for me to come - I'll get back to you on that.

That cleanse sounds interesting. I'll have to talk to you more about that when I see you.

Amanda said...

I'm so proud of you!!!

Lowell & Julie said...

Ooooo lala! Definitely bring those along!! They're LOVELY :)

Avery said...

Will do Julie! I just bought a bunch of new beads. I will create something out of them this week:) I'm definitely going to be at the Stagette now. I'm hitching a ride with Carlynne and Dan:)