Sunday, December 17, 2006

Beautiful Tree

I just thought that I'd post this beautiful tree. I found it on campus this fall. I think it's appropriate to post this tree, especially in this time of bare and brown trees. The season of fall is never long enough. I usually try to go on as many runs as I can in the fall so I can fully enjoy the changing colours of the trees. I still do enjoy going for runs in the winter. Every season has it's perks:) My favourite thing about running in the winter is the silence - It is my favourite "sound". That reminds me of a discussion in one of my Religious Studies classes. The professor asked - "what is the most beautiful sound?" One student replied "Silence" and my professor said "You must be a mystic". There is something so special about silence. It seems as though in the silence there is room to breath and room to find God. The combination of nature and silence is a powerful experience that speaks to me.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Crazy for Wii

The other day I was absolutely crazy. I got up at 4:30 in the morning to wait in line at Best Buy for the hottest item of the Christmas season - the Nintendo Wii. Even though it was just -2 C it felt like -20 because I was just sitting there in the cold for 2.5 hours. Thank goodness the manager came out and gave tickets to the first 56 people in line. I got the 55th one!!! I can't believe I did this because I wasn't even sure if I would like the Wii. I was sitting there with a bunch of gaming enthusiasts. Well, I'm sure Zak would like to hear me admit, I'm starting to enjoy it. I've even started to play the game Zelda that I got for his birthday.

Here's a picture of me all bundled up in the cold. I got some good "Poisonwood Bible" reading in, although I had to stop after 1.5 hours because my fingers were getting numb:) Thank goodness for my MEC -5 sleeping bag!!!